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June 16, 2017
Saudi deal for counterfire radars approved by U.S. State Department

Washington (UPI) Jun 6, 2017
A possible $662 million sale of AN/TPQ-53(V) radar systems and related support to Saudi Arabia has been approved by the U.S. State Department. The Foreign Military Sales package would help Saudi Arabia meet its border security requirements and give the country the ability to locate and counter the source of incoming ballistic artillery, rockets, and mortars, said the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency in its notification to Congress. "This will contribute to Saudi Arabia's goal to ... read more

BAE Systems integrates motion sensors in GXP software
Washington (UPI) Jun 6, 2017
BAE Systems is helping intelligence analysts identify intelligence threats through the use of motion sensors integrated into its Geospatial eXploitation Products line of software. ... more
Northrop Grumman receives AESA radar contract
Washington (UPI) Jun 1, 2017
The U.S. Air Force awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman for 72 radar systems, as well as spares and support services, the Department of Defense announced on Wednesday. ... more
45th Space Wing enables nation's space mission
Washington DC (AFNS) May 19, 2017
Space launches may soon be an almost weekly sight on Florida's Space Coast. As the need for space lift grows globally, partnerships between the Air Force, other government agencies and the com ... more
Arralis launches plug and play Ka band chipset
Dublin, Ireland (SPX) May 19, 2017
Irish company Arralis, world leaders in building technology and products that are the future of global radar and wireless communications, are announcing the launch of their new Leonis Ka band chipse ... more
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Israeli missile ship receives new radar
Washington (UPI) May 17, 2017
An Israeli Navy Saar 4.5 missile ship is conducting operational sea trials of its new advanced ALPHA (Advanced Lightweight Phased Array) ELM-2258 radar. ... more
Drone to replace Israeli manned maritime patrol aircraft
Washington (UPI) May 17, 2017
Heron 1 unmanned aerial systems are to replace manned Sea Scan maritime patrol aircraft of the Israeli Air Force. ... more
US Hypersonic Aircraft Will Not Catch Russia Flat-Footed
Moscow (Sputnik) May 18, 2017
Speedy as they are, moving at about 6 kilometers a second (3.7 miles a second), the US hypersonic aircraft are still not fast enough to avoid the eagle eyes of Russia's missile attack warning system ... more
Navy receiving data terminal sets from Leonardo DRS
Washington DC (UPI) May 15, 2017
High-performance Link-11/Link-22 data terminal sets and related communications equipment are to be delivered to the U.S. Navy by Leonardo DRS. ... more
Northrop Grumman delivers new battlefield radar
Washington (UPI) May 12, 2017
Northrop Grumman is delivering the first low-rate production units of the AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar, or G/ATOR, to the Marine Corps, the company announced Thursday. ... more
NASA team pursues blobs and bubbles with new PetitSat mission
Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 10, 2017
Figuring out how plasma bubbles and blobs affect one another and ultimately the transmission of communications, GPS, and radar signals in Earth's ionosphere will be the job of a recently selected Cu ... more

Shape-changing fog screen invented

First underwater carpet cloak realized, with metamaterial
Beijing, China (SPX) May 08, 2017
Researchers at the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have designed and fabricated an underwater acoustic carpet cloak using transformation acoustics, a scientific first ... more
Fire Scout helicopter drone to receive software, radar upgrade
Washington (UPI) May 4, 2017
Northrop Grumman has been awarded a contract for $36.8 million to integrate radar systems on the MQ-8C Fire Scout drone helicopter. The pre-existing contract will include software updates, testing programs, and installation and support systems. ... more
Raytheon starts low-rate radar production
Washington (UPI) May 4, 2017
Raytheon has started low-rate initial production of 3-D air and missile defense radar for U.S. Navy destroyers, the company announced. ... more
Satellites track Antarctic ice loss over decades
Paris (ESA) May 04, 2017
Over two decades of observations by five radar satellites show the acceleration of ice loss of 30 glaciers in Western Palmer Land in the southwest Antarctic Peninsula. The study in Geophysical ... more

NASA's TASAR trial takes flight on Alaska Airlines
Charlotte NC (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. reports that Alaska Airlines has completed installation of the company's advanced Aircraft Data Management (ADM) solution on three of its 737NG aircraft. The ADM system is designed to help aircraft save time and fuel through its family of software and hardware products, including the Tablet Interface Module (TIM) and Aircraft Inter ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 1, 2017
KC-46A tanker receives electronic testing
Washington (AFP) June 15, 2017
US, Qatar agree F-15 fighter sale
Washington (UPI) Jun 6, 2017
Boeing receives contract for F-18, magnetic launch system support
Kraken Sonar, ATLAS team-up on mine-detection, sonar systems
Washington (UPI) Jun 14, 2017
Kraken Sonar Systems has signed a Team Agreement with defense contractor Atlas Elektronik to collaborate on the Remote Mine Disposal System for the Royal Canadian Navy. They two companies also working together on KATFISH towed sonar arrays to a leading Asian navy as part of a major mine countermeasures purchasing program. "We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Kraken," ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 13, 2017
Electric Boat to handle parts for Virginia-class submarines
Washington (UPI) Jun 12, 2017
Saab signs maintenance, support deal for submarines
Washington (UPI) Jun 5, 2017
Vigor Works receives stealth boat contract for Navy Seals
BDS Precise Service System covers over 300 Chinese cities
Beijing (XNA) Jun 14, 2017
The Precise Service System of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has been used in creating 317 smart cities in China, according to the Smart BDS Precise Application Summit opened on Monday. BDS Precise Service System can provide precise positioning services for household gas and heat, power grid, water supplies,drainage and smart transportation. Sun Jiadong, an academician ... more
Paris (ESA) Jun 09, 2017
Galileo grows: two more satellites join working constellation
Washington DC (SPX) May 30, 2017
GIS is a powerful tool that should be used with caution
Tokyo (AFP) June 1, 2017
Japan launches satellite in bid for super accurate GPS system
Satellites forewarn of locust plagues
Paris (ESA) Jun 16, 2017
Satellites are helping to predict favourable conditions for desert locusts to swarm, which poses a threat to agricultural production and, subsequently, livelihoods and food security. Desert locusts are a type of grasshopper found primarily in the Sahara, across the Arabian Peninsula and into India. The insect is usually harmless, but when they swarm they can migrate across long distances a ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 8, 2017
NASA satellites image, measure Florida's extreme rainfall
Paris (ESA) Jun 02, 2017
The heat is on for Sentinel-3B
Cambridge, Canada (SPX) May 31, 2017
exactEarth Launches Revolutionary Global Real-Time Maritime Tracking and Information Service
Harris Corp. awarded Special Forces radio contract
Washington (UPI) Jun 13, 2017
Harris Corp. RF Communications was awarded a $255 million maximum-ceiling contract for the Special Operations Forces Tactical Communications Next Generation Manpack, or STC NGMP, radio, the Department of Defense announced on Monday. The contract is in support of the Special Operations Commands Capital Equipment Replacement Program, which includes replacing legacy models of man portable ... more
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jun 08, 2017
Airbus provides German troops with support communications at 15 sites worldwide
Singapore (SPX) May 30, 2017
Airbus further extends channel partner program for military satellite communications in Asia
Washington (UPI) May 17, 2017
Radio communications have surprising influence on Earth's near-space environment
Transforming How Troops Fight in Coastal Urban Environments
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
As nation-state and non-state adversaries adapt and apply commercially available state-of-the-art technology in urban conflict, expeditionary U.S. forces face a shrinking operational advantage. To address this challenge, a new DARPA program is aiming to create powerful, digital tools for exploring novel expeditionary urban operations concepts-with a special emphasis on coastal cities, wher ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 16, 2017
Raytheon receives Long Range Precision Fires contract
Washington (UPI) Jun 6, 2017
BAE Systems integrates motion sensors in GXP software
Washington (UPI) May 30, 2017
European country orders Elbit ground intel systems
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Dassault, Indian partner breaking ground on facility
Washington (UPI) Jun 12, 2017
Dassault Aviation and Indian partner Reliance Defense & Aerospace plan to break ground next month on a joint venture facility for Rafale jet fighter components. The investment of Dassault-Reliance Aerospace Limited is part of Dassault's obligations on Make in India commitments under the Rafale fighter jet deal. The overall deal, worth $8.8 billion, was reached last September for ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 13, 2017
Ukraine touts defense industry to potential customers
Washington (UPI) Jun 15, 2017
Mattis, Dunford press Congress for increased, stable budgets
Washington (UPI) Jun 14, 2017
Senate narrowly defeats resolution blocking Saudi arms sale
Suspected N.Korea drone filmed missile defence site: Seoul
Seoul (AFP) June 13, 2017
South Korea said Tuesday a drone believed sent from North Korea had been spying on a US missile defence system before it crashed. The remains of the small drone, which was equipped with a camera, were retrieved by the South's military last week from a hillside where it had crash-landed close to the heavily-fortified inter-Korean border. The military analysed the contents of the camera's ... more
Seoul (AFP) June 9, 2017
Seoul trapped between a rock and a THAAD place; NK tests cruise missile
Seoul (AFP) June 7, 2017
S. Korea to freeze new THAAD deployment pending probe
Saint Petersburg (AFP) June 3, 2017
Russia nears deal to sell air-defence system to Turkey
Raytheon receives contract for AIM-9X missiles
Washington (UPI) Jun 15, 2017
Raytheon has received an $83 million modification to an existing contract for the procurement of full-rate production 180 AIM-9X Block II air-to-air missiles. The contract modification will supply missiles to the Navy, Air Force, Romania, Poland, Indonesia, Romania and Belgium. The modification also provides for the procurement of 19 captive air-training missiles for the Air Force and N ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 12, 2017
BAE awarded contract for laser-guided rocket system
Washington (UPI) Jun 7, 2017
French frigates getting cruise missiles
Washington DC (UPI) Jun 2, 2017
Lockheed awarded contract for extended range air-to-surface missiles
Researchers discover shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
In a new study, researchers demonstrate ground-based measurements of quantum states sent by a laser aboard a satellite 38,000 kilometers above Earth. This is the first time that quantum states have been measured so carefully from so far away. "We were quite surprised by how well the quantum states survived traveling through the atmospheric turbulence to a ground station," said Christoph Ma ... more
Washington (AFP) June 16, 2017
Big scientific breakthrough at sub-atomic level holds promise for secure comms
Washington (UPI) Jun 8, 2017
Thales opens CyberLab facility in Belgium for training against attacks
Seattle WA (SPX) Jun 05, 2017
SeaGlass brings transparency to cell phone surveillance
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Mattis warns N. Korea is 'most urgent' threat to peace
Washington (AFP) June 13, 2017
Pentagon chief Jim Mattis warned Monday that North Korea poses the most urgent threat to international peace and security, calling the regime's weapons program a "clear and present danger" to all. In written testimony to lawmakers ahead of a hearing on the Pentagon budget, Mattis said North Korea is increasing the pace and scope of its nuclear weapons program that leader Kim Jong-Un has stat ... more
Washington (AFP) June 13, 2017
Trump to host S.Korea's Moon for N.Korea talks
Washington (AFP) June 14, 2017
Jailed US student flown out of North Korea 'in coma'
Seoul (AFP) June 14, 2017
K-Pop boycott of US troops concert 'regrettable': Seoul
Russia launches space freighter to ISS
Moscow (AFP) June 14, 2017
Russia on Wednesday launched an unmanned Progress cargo ship carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. "The Soyuz-2.1A booster rocket with the Progress MS-06 cargo ship launched successfully from Baikonur cosmodrome at 12:20 Moscow time (0920 GMT)," Russian space agency Roscosmos said in a statement on its website. The cargo sh ... more
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
Bread Me Up, Scotty: Crumb-Free Pastries Coming to the ISS
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
NASA Prepares for Future Space Exploration with International Undersea Crew
Huntsville AL (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
New Window Improves the View of Science on Orbiting Laboratory
Kazakh man dies in fire after Russian rocket launch
Astana, Kazakhstan (AFP) June 15, 2017
A Kazakh man died and another was hospitalised after they were caught in a fire on the steppes triggered by falling debris from a Russian space launch, Russian and Kazakh authorities said Thursday. The blaze, reaching 15 kilometres (9.5 miles) across, was unleashed by parts of a rocket that fell to earth on Wednesday after a launch from the nearby Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan's emergency ... more
Dulles VA (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
NASA and Industry Team Successfully Test Orion Launch Abort Motor
Bethesda, MD (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
Launch Vehicle Rocket Engines
New Delhi (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
India's Kerosene-Based Semi-Cryogenic Engine to Be Flight Test Ready by 2021
Yemen rebels fire on UAE ship: coalition
Riyadh (AFP) June 15, 2017
Yemeni rebels have fired a missile at an Emirati ship near the Bab al-Mandab strait, injuring a crewman, the Saudi-led coalition said Thursday, marking the latest incident in the strategic waters. The coalition, which intervened against Yemen's Huthi rebels and their allies more than two years ago, did not name the vessel or say whether it was civilian or military. It was leaving the por ... more
Moscow (AFP) June 15, 2017
Russia accuses US of deploying missiles in Syria
Oslo (AFP) June 15, 2017
Colombia's FARC reassures on disarmament deadline
Nicosia (AFP) June 13, 2017
Blast at British base in Cyprus injures police officer
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Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation
Houston TX (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
In each life a little rain must fall, but in space, one of the biggest risks to astronauts' health is radiation "rain". NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) is simulating space radiation on Earth following upgrades to the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. These upgrades help researchers on Earth learn more about the effects o ... more
Atlanta GA (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
New computing system takes its cues from human brain
New York NY (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Oyster shells inspire new method to make superstrong, flexible polymers
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
Changing the color of laser light on the femtosecond time scale
Russia launches space freighter to ISS
Moscow (AFP) June 14, 2017
Russia on Wednesday launched an unmanned Progress cargo ship carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. "The Soyuz-2.1A booster rocket with the Progress MS-06 cargo ship launched successfully from Baikonur cosmodrome at 12:20 Moscow time (0920 GMT)," Russian space agency Roscosmos said in a statement on its website. The cargo sh ... more
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
Bread Me Up, Scotty: Crumb-Free Pastries Coming to the ISS
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
NASA Prepares for Future Space Exploration with International Undersea Crew
Huntsville AL (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
New Window Improves the View of Science on Orbiting Laboratory

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